Innovation is Always in Fashion

These days, innovation is a term that’s thrown around a lot. But it’s not just a term to Macy’s Technology—it’s a fundamental business practice. What keeps us in business is our ability to always look forward—one reason we were named a Top Ten Innovative Retailer by Fast Company.

Our customer is the catalyst for our innovation. The work done by our Macy’s Technology teams influences how we interact with our customers, delighting and engaging through our stores, online and anywhere in between.

Our Strategies

Omnichannel Retailing

By creating and implementing this entirely new way to integrate our stores, online presence and mobile devices, we’re able to surround customers with purchase opportunity. Now, the company’s complete inventory, no matter where it’s located, is available to everybody everywhere at all times. Our omnichannel strategy means a store associate can find a product that’s out of stock locally at another store or in an online fulfillment center and have it shipped to the customer’s door.

My Macy’s Localization

This is localization at its finest. My Macy’s is an innovative initiative that customizes each individual store’s merchandise assortment and shopping experience to the customers who shop there. It’s a surgically strategic way to get customers the right products in the right place at the right time. Best of all, My Macy’s customization is increasingly refinable, completely sustainable and highly successful.

Idea Lab

Our idea labs help us quickly push forward innovative ideas and help bring them to life. We take out-of-the-box thinking and apply it to our real-world business. And the results that stem from it are amazing. Like same-day delivery, implementing Apple Pay, RFID and localization—to name a few. 

E-commerce gives our company power, and leveraging it with our brick and mortar presence gives us an edge. A key factor in innovation is to keep improving yourself. Through our work at, we work to improve every day.